MEAS Quarterly Meeting

1 November 2016

MEAS Quarterly Meeting


1 November 2016


  • Andreas Lejolm  Ramboll

  • Jonathan Lee WSP l Parsons Brinckerhoff

  • Muhammad Shah WSP l Parsons Brinckerhoff

  • Sreejith Panicker Knauf

  • Bathiya Karunaratne Knauf

  • Giacomo Corcelli  DIASEN ME

  • Hani Maher INTERCOOL

  • Janos Tsakiris WSP l PB

  • Andrey Saenko BASF

  • Alanwar Dawood  PMK LLC

  • Geuseppe Alberti PMK LLC

  • Wouter Verwaal Design Confidence

  • Ray Walsh C.D.M Group

  • Thomas Philip MOOV

  • Jason Hird Gyproc Saint Gobain

  • Sarah Huskie WSP l Parsons Brinckerhoff

  • Sandeep Manilal WSP l Parsons Brinckerhoff

  • Michael Weckesser WADG Consultants

  • Neeskens D’Mello WADG Consultants

  • Paul Schwarz Design Confidence

  • Ali Al Saady Pliteq

  • Jaspal Singh Aircoustics

  • Gipi Gopinath Envirozone

  • Marti Dutch Ramboll

  • HIRA Industries

Apologies :

  • Eng Mohammed Qartillu Steam Acoustic and Thermal

  • Andrew Peplow Zayed University

Agenda Covered;

Formalisation of MEAS

Paul updated the membership that the MEAS application to the Chamber of Commerce was unsuccessful.

As a result the Board are looking to register with the IOA as a ‘Dubai Branch’ foreign membership group. 

  • Jon Lee has contacted the IOA to start the process

  • The IOA group will be for IOA members only and MEAS will continue to run alongside it as a sister organisation. We will run joint meetings for the two groups but they will have to be run as separate entities with separate committees etc.

  • The formation of an IOA group would lend MEAS cudos with government bodies as we will be part of a formally recognised entity.

  • For those that are interested it is possible to apply to the IOA in the UK for membership, as applicable.

  • Gerald Steward proposed a vote and Alanwar seconded his proposal.  All members present at the meeting voted unanimously for this course of action as a way forward.


  • A request was raised to put the various local regulations on the MEAS website for easy access by the members.

  • It was agreed by all that this was a good idea which should be taken forward by Edward Adamcyzk and the Technical Team
  • More articles about Noise were recommended for the website, including excerpts from 7days UAE where there have been regular letters of noise complaint from readers.  All members to forward such articles to Sarah and Jon.

 Al Sa’fat Regulations

  • New Regulations have been published to replace the Dubai Green Building Regulations
  • Refer to  Dubai Municipality Website for details (Arabic version) and English Version
  • The Regulations refer to out of date standards and the wording is poor from an acoustics point of view, which leads them open to interpretation.
  • The MEAS Board are in the process of writing a letter to DM confirming an agreed interpretation.  Action with Gerald.


    • Gerald gave an interesting and thought provoking presentation on the subject of ‘Consultant of Choice or Trusted Advisor’

Future Events & Meetings

  • Sarah to organise next meeting.

  •  End of Year drinks proposed for the 15th December at the Black Lion in H Tower.


Next meeting:


See the website for details & email will be sent to the group once a date and venue is set.

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