Joining a professional body such as the Middle East Acoustic Society is a great way to make some useful contacts, give yourself the best professional opportunities and make an impact on your career.

Membership Structure

Membership is divided into five categories as below:


Companies and entities established in the Middle East who are interested in and share the Society's objectives.


Any MEAS professional residing in the Middle East who is interested in and shares the Society's objectives.

MEAS Public Entities and Organisms

MEAS Public Entities and Organisms under this Category shall not have the right to vote but shall be allowed to attend all meetings of the Society and make all suggestions that they might have with regard to the Society's activities.

Honorary Members or Personalities

Honorary members and personalities shall include the MEAS Ambassador to the UAE, the MEAS Economic & Commercial Counselor in the UAE, President of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and any other personalities that the Administrative Board may decide by majority vote that are appropriate to be invited to join the MEA as Honorary Members.


Overseas Members are MEAS companies and individuals who do not have a presence in the Middle East but who are interested and share the Society's objectives. 


Note that applicants for all grades, sign to accept the Society's Code of Conduct.

To apply for Membership of the Middle East Acoustic Society, the first thing you need to do is head over to the Become a Member page