Start: 2:02pm
Finish: 2:55pm


-          Paul Schwarz  DC

-          Mark Scaife  WSP

-          Dominic Parkinson  WSP

-          Jason Hird Gyproc/SG

-          Marloes Meer Gyproc/SG

-          Anastasios Pantziarides WSP

-          Ghassan E. Eid Pegasus

-          Yasser EL Hajj CBM/Pegasus

-          Edward Adamcyzk  PMK

-          Nadia Schwarz  DC

-          Huw Miles Pliteq

Agenda Covered;

1.       Green Building Regulations (GBR)


-          As of the 1st of January, these regulations will be in place, this may mean more acoustic work for Dubai

-          Dubai Municipality to provide auditing/compliance at the Big 5 exhibition.

-          How will tabs be kept on compliance?

Action; Dominic P to speak with Mr Zachary at DM about clarifying the acoustic regulations compliance currently in place and with the change with Green Buildings. I.e Enforcement/auditing/ compliance.


2.       Dubai Tourism (DCEM) complying with new GBR


-          Hotels apparently need to demonstrate that walls and floors meet with acoustic standards; a technical definition has not given by the DCEM.  Hotel groups are now asking acousticians for assistance in complying with this standard but what the standard is is not clarified. Hence hotels using international best practise.


Action: To keep an ear out to figure out what this standard is (all members).

3.        Expo 2020


-          Now that we have won, what does that mean for the Acoustic world of Dubai?

-          More hotels, and exhibition facilities, plus theme parks and other tourist attractions.

-          Specifically, more development in Business Bay

-          Double Mall Capacity by 2020

-          Golf Construction; As noted in ’Room Boom’ article (Huw has more info)

-          More competition and agencies

Action; No specific action to be taken, but perhaps to review at next meeting in January


4.       Changes to current noise regulations


-          As noted by Mark S regarding noise complaints in residential areas. E.g. Sky Garden noise measurements undertaken to protect residents from construction work nearby.

Action; No specific action to be taken, just a potential general trend occurring in the market.


5.       Estidama detailed reports (asked by one of the members)


-          Proper assessment required but no clients seem willing to pay for full formal reports.

-          AD future schools requested for MEP BB93; schools should comply with this.

-          Some companies are mixing compliance regulations up to suit needs as there is no reviewing authority to comply with.

-          New Article/compliance coming out for school acoustic regulation. See Huw

-          Currently there are no inspections done by government at construction/structural stage. Maybe MEAS as a group could help with this? i.e consultant sit on framework of DM?

-          Third party issued/approved by designer/client NOT contractor

Maybe to present something on this at a conference?
- DM need to be approached, anyone could ask around to see who at DM or Lootha Gas? Environmental Planning- Mathew Plumridge or the presenter of the Big 5 Green Building seminar (see Dominic P)


6.       Glazing systems

- How can acoustic performance be improved and is there a possibility for MEAS to provide some education to those in the glazing industry?

Action; No specific action to be taken, but perhaps to review at next meeting in January

7.       Construction Noise and Vibration

-          Seems to be picking up in the UAE

-          Stopping/minimise construction. E.g. Dubai Mall, no damage to area below Burj Khalifa and Medi Clinic.

-          Also requirement of QSAS in Qatar, but still a contractors issue

Action: Non to be taken by MEAS as such, just a topic of interest at moment…

8.       Facades


-          1db increase on Shk Zyed due to the metro according to Edward A’s sources etc.

Action; N/A

9.       AOB

-          Formalising Group via Abu Dhabi Government?

Action: None assigned.

Next meeting to be on scheduled for the end of Feb 2014