-          Paul Schwarz  DC

-          Luis Pereira DC

-          Dominic Parkinson  WSP

-          Sarah Huskie  WSP

-          Anastasios Pantziarides WSP

-          Jason Hird Gyproc/SG

-          Matthew Carter Acoustic Logic

-          Edward Adamcyzk  PMK

-          Alanwar Dawood - PMK

-          Thomas Bailess  PMK

-          Quresh Motiwala Leminar

-          Tom Primrose  Pliteq

-          Huw Miles Pliteq

-          Andreas lejholm Ramboll

Agenda Covered;

1.       Green Building Regulations (GBR)

-          Alanwar is writing a letter to DM from the Consultancy members of MEAS providing suggestions on how acoustic services can be utilized, independently and professionally, for existing and new constructions in the Emirate of Dubai.

Action; AD to circulate the letter to all MEAS members and following incorporation of all comments issue to DM for their consideration.  AD to provide an update at the next meeting.

2.       Residents’ Complaints

-          The trend of residents complaining about construction noise is continuing and complainants are being directed to DM by MEAS members but little to no action being taken.

-          HM offered to set up a register so that the MEAS can keep track of how many complaints are received in the event that DM raise the question.


Post meeting note: HM has set up a MEAS complaints log using a google account.  Further information and details to be provided prior to the next meeting.


3.       Committee Positions

-          The current board positions were reviewed and the following changes were made:

o   Chairman – Paul Schwarz to remain. [proposed by SH and seconded by EA]

o   Vice Chairman – Mark Scaife to step down.  Andreas Lejholm to stand.  [proposed by MC and seconded by JH]

o   Treasurer – Matthew Carter to remain. [proposed by AL and seconded by AD]

o   Secretary – Sarah Huskie to remain. [proposed by DP and seconded by JH]

o   Committee Position- Edward Adamczyk to remain. [proposed by PS and seconded by MC]

o   New Committee Position – Huw Miles.  [proposed by AL and seconded by PS]


4.       AOB
Concern has been raised regarding Suppliers, who are members of MEAS, offering consultancy services.  To be discussed further at the next meeting as necessary.

-          Student membership – PS and SH to add known students to the mailing list.

-          Code of Ethics – All to review the attached Code of Ethics and revert to SH with any comments/recommendations for changes by 22 September 2014. 

-          Website – KK to provide an update at the next meeting.


5.       Gyproc Presentation

-          Marloes Meer of gave a well-received presentation on the Tourism Industry in the Middle East -  key drivers and hotel chains that operate in the Middle East.

-          The presentation was very interesting and prompted further discussion throughout the group.

-          A copy of the presentation is attached for information.

Next meeting:


9am 15th December 2014 at WSP Offices.