It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Edward (Eddie) recently; another talented and knowledgeable professional engineer who we have lost too soon.  A well rounded and professional team leader, who commanded a great level of respect from those who worked with him.

I first met Eddie when I moved to the UAE in 2006, although he had been in the region before me for a number of years.  Senior colleagues of mine were already familiar with his work and his solid reputation as a consistent and well-informed consultant, and recommended he be a first port of call when moving to the region.  A loyal member of the PMK team, in it’s various forms throughout the years, he was a regular point of contact for me when I needed a second opinion on an ambiguous or little-known piece of regulation or technical standard, or just a chat about the current state of the building industry. Always willing and happy to share his time and extensive knowledge with those around him, and was a strong supporter of simple and effective education on the topic of acoustics to those in the industry.  His input and presence will be greatly missed.

Paul Schwarz

Chairman MEAS