MEAS was informally established in 2008 by Paul Schwarz, Ben Cahill and Gerald Stewart who were all respective lead acoustic consultants for their UAE based engineering employers. Recognising that they were no longer able to attend regular technical and networking events (all full members of their respective homeland acoustic engineering societies), they agreed to form a collective group of Acoustic consultants and associated professionals based in the Middle East and primarily in Dubai

The executive committee of MEAS is overseen by Chairman Paul Schwarz and now has over 125 members ranging from sole practitioners, partnerships, incorporated companies and other organizations that have an interest in acoustics in the Middle East.

Member’s personal and professional interests in the society range from engineering consultants, researchers, structural and architectural engineers, government officers, environmental engineers, students as well as suppliers and manufacturers of acoustic products to the building industry.

MEAS purpose is to inform and educate the building industry (and related bodies) and the public of the role and responsibilities of acoustic practitioners and how current and future developments can be improved with greater focus on noise and vibration related issues. This includes cooperating and liaising with authorities and other engineering Societies having similar or analogous interests and in so doing, to contribute to the establishment, maintenance and application of standards, laws and regulations within the Middle East.

MEAS also provides its members with a forum for exchange of information on matters relating to acoustics plus cooperates and liaises with other Societies and bodies with respect to matters of mutual acoustical interest. MEAS encourages its members of the Society to provide a high professional standard in all matters of practice including the technical advice, calibration and use of instruments, measuring techniques and data processing employed by acoustical consultants. It is also to establish and encourage adherence to standards of professional behavior and conduct for acoustical consultants.